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lung volumes and emphysema in smokers with interstitial - study design from november 2007 through april 2010 a total of 2508 smokers 1867 74 non hispanic white and 641 26 black between the ages of 45 and 80 years with a history of at least 10, endoscopic treatment versus shunting for infant - postinfectious hydrocephalus in infants is a major health problem in sub saharan africa the conventional treatment is ventriculoperitoneal shunting but surgeons are usually not immediately, emergency management of sepsis the simple stuff saves - in 2001 the new england journal of medicine published results of a randomized control trial by rivers and colleagues of early goal directed therapy egdt that represented a significant advancement in the emergency department ed management of sepsis 1, who size and distribution of the global volume of - a stanford university medical center department of surgery 300 pasteur drive s067 stanford ca 94305 united states of america usa b ariadne labs brigham and women s hospital and harvard th chan school of public health boston usa c stanford university management science and, open training positions association of program directors - 1 year surgical critical care fellowship positions 2 openings indiana university school of medicine department of surgery date posted november 12 2018 the department of surgery at indiana university school of medicine iusm has two openings for their 1 year surgical critical care fellowship, obesity surgery medical clinical policy bulletins aetna - number 0157 policy note most aetna hmo and qpos plans exclude coverage of surgical operations procedures or treatment of obesity unless approved by aetna some aetna plans entirely exclude coverage of surgical treatment of obesity please check benefit plan descriptions for details, strategies to prevent surgical site infections in acute - topics provide a way to find more content about a subject and do targeted searching on jstor these new topics are drawn from a thesaurus curated from 21 source vocabularies and are automatically matched with a brief description from wikipedia, atrium university funded by an educational grant from - welcome to atrium university this site funded by an educational grant from atrium medical corporation provides professional continuing education for credit in addition to a variety of tools for professional education follow the tabs above to explore our offerings, association of intracerebral hemorrhage among patients - supplement etable 1 missing values etable 2 outcome measures by anticoagulant type in patients without preceding use of any antiplatelet agents, our management press ganey associates - meet our management when it comes to performance improvement we lead by example that s why we are led by a highly experienced and well respected group of health care performance professionals who make quality and satisfaction the top priorities day in and day out, health care spending in the united states and other high - question why is health care spending in the united states so much greater than in other high income countries findings in 2016 the united states spent nearly twice as much as 10 high income countries on medical care and performed less well on many population health outcomes contrary to some explanations for high spending social spending and health care utilization in the united states did, history of anatomy wikipedia - the study of anatomy begins at least as early as 1600 bc the date of the edwin smith surgical papyrus this treatise shows that the heart its vessels liver spleen kidneys hypothalamus uterus and bladder were recognized and that the blood vessels were known to emanate from the heart other vessels are described some carrying air some mucus and two to the right ear are said to carry, 2014 acc aha guideline on perioperative cardiovascular - the american college of cardiology acc and the american heart association aha are committed to the prevention and management of cardiovascular diseases through professional education and research for clinicians providers and patients since 1980 the acc and aha have shared a responsibility to, peer reviewed journal ijera com - international journal of engineering research and applications ijera is an open access online peer reviewed international journal that publishes research, a pharmacological and toxicological profile of silver as - abstract silver is used widely in wound dressings and medical devices as a broad spectrum antibiotic metallic silver and most inorganic silver compounds ionise in moisture body fluids and secretions to release biologically active, guideline for hand hygiene in health care settings - the guideline for hand hygiene in health care settings provides health care workers hcws with a review of data regarding handwashing and hand antisepsis in health care settings in addition it provides specific recommendations to promote improved hand hygiene practices and reduce transmission of, violence motivated by perception of sexual orientation and - violence motivated by perception of sexual orientation and gender identity a systematic review karel blondeel a sofia de vasconcelos b claudia garc a moreno b rob stephenson c marleen temmerman a igor toskin b a faculty of medicine and health sciences ghent university campus uz gent building k3 3rd floor de pintelaan 185 9000 gent belgium, acm transactions on graphics - the process of aligning a pair of shapes is a fundamental operation in computer graphics traditional alignment methods rely heavily on matching corresponding points or features a paradigm that falters when significant shape portions are missing